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All the music you hear on Soaking.Net is a gift from the artists on this page. If you click on their album covers, you will find even more songs than those you hear on the playlists of the home page. You also can access their website by clicking on their album covers. Let their sound awaken your heart and soul to a sacred present moment of surrendered quietness...

Ruth Fazal - Reflections vol.1
Ruth Fazal
Ruth Fazal - Who Is This vol.2
Ruth Fazal
Ruth Fazal - Songs from the River vol.4
Ruth Fazal
Heather Johnson - Whispers On The Wind
Heather Johnson
Ray Watson - Seek My Face
Ray Watson
Crysty Fiorello - Spirit Marinade
Crysty Fiorello
Lianna Klassen - Out Of Borderland
Lianna Klassen
Raymond Robinson & Steve Allen - Be Still
R. Robinson
Laura Rhinehart - Soaking Journeys
Laura Rhinehart
Isa Couvertier
Isa Couvertier
John Tussey - Serenity
John Tussey
Steven Burgess - Rest
Steven Burgess
Brian Longridge - Healing Rivers
Brian Longridge
Brian Longridge - Healing Rain
Brian Longridge
Russ Taff - Under Their Influence
Russ Taff
David McKay - First Fruits
David McKay
Winds Of Fire
Winds Of Fire
Virginia Sullivent - Love Songs
Virginia Sullivent
Mark Burlinson - At His Feet
Mark Burlinson
Paul Powell - Breath
Paul Powell
Fred Kaplan
Fred Kaplan
Chris Stalhke - Imprint
Chris Stalhke
Richard Douglas Trowbridge Souther - Songs Unspoken
Richard Souther
David DeLoach
David Deloach
Grace Center Worship with Chris McClarney
Chris McClarney
Ken Verheecke - A Place Called Home
Ken Verheecke
Ian Gilchrist - Journey from slavery
Ian Gilchrist
Jay Calder - Breakfast with Barnabas
Jay Calder