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All the music you hear on Soaking.Net is a gift from the artists on this page. If you click on their album covers, you will find even more songs than those you hear on the playlists of the home page. You also can access their website by clicking on their album covers. Let their sound awaken your heart and soul to a sacred present moment of surrendered quietness...

Lillis Boyer - Songs from His Garden
Lillis Boyer
Luke Hendrickson - Imagine
Luke Hendrickson
Dan Unger - Sojourn
Dan Unger
Derek Loux - Fragrant Burning
Derek Loux
Graham Ord - Waiting
Graham Ord
Bill Davies
Bill Davies

Robin Vincent - Molten Meditation
Robin Vincent

Hendrickson Family & Friends - Heart Songs
The Hendricksons
Cathy Mart - Plumage
Cathy Mart

Cathy Mart - Releasing The Dove
Cathy Mart

John Doan - Departures
John Doan

John Doan - Eire
John Doan

Jay Sandifer
Jay Sandifer
David Ruis - Fragrant Oil
David Ruis
David Ruis - Indigika
David Ruis
Cindy Ruakere - Receive
Cindy Ruakere
Cindy Ruakere - Karanga
Cindy Ruakere
Don Newmeyer - Inflections
Don Newmeyer
Don Newmeyer - Fall Into Your Arms
Don Newmeyer
Joshua & Jennifer Wymore - The Well of His Presence
Joshua & Jennifer Wymore
Grace Williams - Fire Fall
Grace Williams

Garry Mulgrew - Who will ascend
Garry Mulgrew

Garry Mulgrew - Pour Out
Garry Mulgrew

Craig Ginn - Your Majesty
Craig Ginn

Craig Ginn - Lines of Age
Craig Ginn

Joshua Hawkins
Joshua Hawkins

Heather Butler - Hidden Treasures
Heather Butler
Mike Fisher - Keyboard Worship
Mike Fisher
Chris Hermann - Cleanse
Chris Hermann
Sean Dietrich
Sean Dietrich
Wendy Francisco - Collection
Wendy Francisco
Don Francisco - Beautiful to Me
Don Francisco
Jeffrey Baer - Cornerstone
Jeffrey Baer
Wayne Monbleau - To my Shepherd
Wayne Monbleau

Kelley Warren - Embraced
Kelley Warren

Ray Watson - Seek My Face
Ray Watson

Crysty Fiorello - Spirit Marinade
Crysty Fiorello

Peace - Kimberly & Alberto Rivera
Kimberly & Alberto Rivera
The Soaking Sessions - Kimberly & Alberto Rivera
Kimberly & Alberto Rivera
Stephen Bennett - The Gathering
Stephen Bennett