We are always seeking new artists who would contribute their work to the site's content. Whether you are known or unkown, the main goal is that this can be a pool of free inspiring instrumental music, either improvised or structured.

If you would be interested in having one or more MP3s of your music here, with a link to your site (or not), then here's what you could do:

1- Email us! Include a link to your site if you have one. If not, then write a bit about yourself. We won't share it, but we would appreciate getting to know you.

2- Quality! We will audition your music before including it on the site. if need be, we are equipped to take care of most technical aspects to format the music to the site's needs. If you don't have a site where we could download MP3s of your music, simply send a CD to us. We'll let you know the address in time.

3- Legal stuff! We request your permission to offer your music for free download. We limit ourselves to simply making your music available for free download. We do not get any direct revenues from it, nor do we pay any artist for it. Redistribution or republishing of these files in any form without the express permission of the Copyright Owners is forbidden by law, so we fully expect users to contact you if they seek to use your music for anything beyond the LIMITED permissions granted to SOAKING.NET.

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