Andre Lefebvre


Beyond Soaking.Net, André does freelance work from home as a graphic designer and translator in order to supplement his disability income. He is blessedly married to Kimberly, most amazing human being and true companion, who shares his creativity in the arts as a prophetic writer and poet. They presently live in Alberta, Canada.



"I believe in the prophetic nature of artistic expression. "

From childhood, André has always been drawn to the arts, developing his gifting in an organic, hands-on fashion. Arts are the languages used to process and share his life's experiences. Music, visual arts and writing have been his main conversational tools.

From 1984 to 2005, he has served as a worship leader and worship band musician (piano & keys) in regular church services, as well as conferences, all night prayer, house of prayer and prayer meetings. He has done so all across Canada and, in some instances, in the USA. He has participated on music and spoken word projects with Andrew Smith, David Ruis, Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, Jim Goll, Wesley Campbell, Ken Gott.

He has also released 4 solo albums so far:

- Heartland Diaries [link]
- Patmos [link]
- Quietude [link]
- Silence [link]


For decades, he has worked in public relations and communications for various companies and organizations, as well as artists, individuals, non-profit organizations, ministries and churches. Capturing and articulating image and message in an original, inspiring, accessible, elegant and impacting way, constitutes a core characteristic of his work.

You will find samples of his recent works on his Creative Forge website.


For decades, André also served as a translator (English-French). Over the years, beside translating worship songs, flyers, teaching material, booklets and simultaneous translation for conferences, his permanent clients include Yorkville Sound, an international professional audio equipment company located in Ontario, Canada, (websites, packaging, technical manuals and marketing and communication material for distributors across Canada), as well as the Coalition for Music Education in Canada, also located in Ontario (website, surveys, Music Monday material, press releases, radio ads, newsletters, etc.). At one point, his work also included translating applications and stories of political refugees requesting asylum in Quebec.

You will find Yorkville Sound at: YORKVILLE SOUND

You will find the Coalition for Music Education in Canada at: COALITION FOR MUSIC EDUCATION.

For more information, please contact: CREATIVE FORGE