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Feb 6 2012

Dear friends of,

We wanted to give you an update on our situation with our house build. We moved in this past November before the house was complete as we could not afford to pay rent and mortgage at the same time and we were already past the promised completion date. However, since moving in the builders have not yet come back to complete the house! At first this was very frustrating, but then we saw it as a gift from God because originally the builder noted a time frame in which they wanted to be paid back once things were completed and we were not in a position to start making payments in November. So this delay in completion has given us a breather from the pressure having to find a way to pay back the debt as quickly as we had expected; the builders cannot start collecting payment until their work is complete.

The builders are presently building a house for their parents which became their priority (their father was just operated on for cancer and needed a better fitted home) and we expect they will return to finish work on ours in the spring, if not before. We are also waiting for a way to complete our kitchen and floor installations. These are about 80% complete and were done this past summer by volunteers who came to our aid as we did not have enough in our budget to have them installed by professionals. We are uncertain if the volunteers intend to return to complete the work or not at some point but we are grateful that the house is to the point where we can live in it comfortably enough for now. It is so good to be living in a non-allergenic home!

We are also very grateful for those of you who have shared in our journey toward a place to call home and we want to genuinely thank those of you who have blessed us with your notes of encouragement, prayers and financial gifts. Since sharing our situation on this site in November we have received financial gifts ranging from $3 to $100. Each gift is greatly appreciated and has added up to $868 so far which we are keeping set aside for the builders. We are hopeful this will help toward a satisfactory first payment when it comes time to start paying back the debt in full. Please continue to pray for us for peace and provision.

As a note, for those who may be interested, Andre's CD's are still available at a discounted rate of 20-25% off and Kimberly's first book will again be available from in the near future. We may also be able to provide copies for those who wish to order from us directly. Keep checking back as more books and blessings are coming soon, as well as future updates on where things are at with our house build and your support.

God bless you ALL!

Andre & Kimberly Lefebvre
Home Team - Soaking.Net

As many of you know, Kimberly and I have been on a long journey towards home. After many years in the difficult world of not so great rentals we were finally in a position to qualify for a mortgage. That was 3 years ago. Due to Kimberly's allergies and chemical sensitivities our search for a house revealed that the most realistic option for us was to build our own healthy home.

We went forward with our dream, but like many in the Body, we experienced a very difficult journey these past 3 years. Long story short, we are on our second build and third contractor. The second contractor quit and for months we didn't know if or how we would be able to complete the house. But we're almost there...our house will soon be finished.

However, due to the expenses incurred from the second contractor who abandoned our house part way through, buying him out and the related lawyer fees, as well as the costs involved with finishing the house with new contractors we find ourselves owing approximately $20,000 beyond what the bank has allotted to us in our mortgage. This amount is well beyond our own human attainment, and we also have a limited period in which the builders want to be paid back. That means we need the Lord's help and provision in a big way and hence, we are looking beyond ourselves and sharing our story with others.

We are confident the Lord will make a way for us to reach the other side of this obstacle. His promise to us is that we will "recover" from the unexpected financial costs we are experiencing. Part of the way we are responding to this promise of recovery is to take what is in our hands and put it to use even as the Lord recently spoke to Kimberly through the parable of the widow's oil. Hence, we are taking the jars we have filled and selling the "oil" in order to help pay the debts we have incurred. Please see below if you are interested in learning more about our endeavors to recover and pay for our new home.

We are happy to present both old and new items below, the sales of which will go toward paying the overages related to our home.

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We thank you for your timely prayers, encouragements, testimonies and gifts.

May God bless you for your kindness, and as you pursue Him, our Heavenly Bridegroom ...

Andre & Kimberly
soakingnet at

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