No acts of righteousness required to receive benefits

(Unmerited favor)


Believer needs to obey God to see the blessing

Believer looking to a past act of God.

Receiving a benefit (forgiveness, deliverance, etc.) already offered.

Benefits are available to anyone at all times as long as he wants them and believes for them.

Requires repentance and faith

The truths of the cross are the entrance into the Kingdom of God

Standing offers to anyone who will receive them by faith

Take away sin and death

Take away something negative or absorb all negative

Relate to Christís death (Resurrection life)

Believing these will change what the believer IS

(He IS now forgiven. He IS now dead to sin. He IS now redeemed. He IS now healed. He IS now crucified with Christ. etc.)


Acts of righteousness required to receive the blessings

Earned in the sense that the

Believer usually anticipating a future act of God

Generally looking to receive a benefit to be given in the future.

Blessings are seen only when the acts of righteousness are completed. These blessings are subject to Godís timing.

Requires obedience and faith (and possibly repentance at times)

The promises constitute life inside the Kingdom of God

Standing offers to anyone who will trust and obey

Generally give the believer some blessings

Generally give something positive or avoid something negative

Relate to Christís resurrection

Give to the believer some blessing for his obedience