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"May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ's perseverance." 2Thess.3:5
APRIL 2009 artists - what are they up to?
Isa Couvertier:
Isa wrote me last week to tell me the news: "I have launched a New Site called!!! This is a site that was built to share my experiences on songwriting, singing, developing a career in music, producing music, growing income, investing, music business, marketing and more! If you have a desire for music, whether its putting out a CD, writing songs, singing, or if you have a CD already done and you're wondering what to do next, then this site is for YOU! This platform will offer FREE training, conference calls, resources, webinars, and seminars!"

Kimberly & Alberto Rivera:
Released 2 new albums this year:

 Live Soaking Sessions II              He is Risen

Terri is a newcomer to Soaking.Net, but not to the Throne room. A worshipful pianist, her musical language has grown in the hidden place of intimacy with God. She shares a free song with us Lifting The Bridal Veil.
Click here to download the mp3.

Virginia Sullivent Killingsworth
This coming week, Virginia will be ministering at a soaking conference in Pepperell, MA, alongside David and Jeanne Costello.

Father's Heart Unlimited - SOAKING IN FATHER'S LOVE Conference

* APRIL 17 & 18, 2009
* Faith Worship Center, Pepperell MA - (978) 433-6431
* Music ministry by Virginia Sullivent Killingsworth
* Download brochure

I had the privilege of meeting Fred Kaplan online through Soaking.Net. Fred is an young old bluesman from California (a walking encyclopedia on the blues) who shares his understanding and experience of God's heart for the broken through what he calls "vertical music" through his unique new album "TRIAGE" (solo piano).

You can find his music within our playlist, as well as on his website at

Christine Jeanville
Christine wrote me a few years ago, a passionate lover of God from France, and from a distance we have ministered together as she sometimes uses some of my music to speak out a dance. Where I cannot go, she carries some of these sounds with her to other countries. What a blessing! Here she improvises on a song where God encourages us not to give up...

Dancing "Don't Give Up"
For about a month now, we've been sharing two of author's Wayne Jacobsen's books he offers freely for the encouragement and edification of all who are on a serious journey with God, and may wrestle with various issues concerning God's love for them. Two major books that will not leave you cold!


Steven Burgess also released a new instrumental album titled PATIENCE (solo piano).

You can find his music within our playlist, as well as on his website at

Laura Rhinehart has released a new album of spontaneous prophetic songs titled SOAKING JOURNEYS (recorded live).

You will find her inspiring and healing music within our playlist, as well as on her website at While you are there, take a look at their "soak-a-friend" feature... :O)

Jay Calder ... what else is there to say? :O)

Jay is also part of our playlist. Find him online here

On May 16, 2009, Jon Bauer will be the guest worship artist at Michael W. Smith's concert in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The concert will be held on behalf of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools. More info here.

Jon has a solid and deeply respected track record of authentic and vibrant worship leading, and hails from our own province, Alberta, Canada (now serving as Worship Arts Associate at St. Albert Alliance Church, north of Edmonton).

Jon talks about a life of worship...

He is also part of our playlist. Find more about him online here

The End - E-book by Stephen Bennet Stephen Bennet just released a very timely and sobering book titled: "The End." It is free to download on his website @ Stephen is part of our artists, and you can hear some of hus prophetic songs here: Listen to the Music of Stephen Bennett


"May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and gave us, by his grace, encouragement eternal and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word."
(2 Thessalonians 2:16)

When you're hurting...

"When you are hurting, and you think about God's greatness, what a change it makes in your perspective when you remember this:

The great 'I AM' cares personally and deeply for you. He exists beyond the stars, yet He knows every hair that falls from your head and every tear that drops from your eyes. When you grieve, he is grieving with you.

When you are confused, He doesn't laugh at your confusion. He is with you right there, arms around you, ready to take you, if need be carry you, safely through the fog. He is Yaweh, the God who makes and keeps His covenants and promises."
[Steve Farrar - Get in the Ark]

Note to artists: if you have released new music since we last corresponded, and would be interested in sharing a song or two on Soaking.Net, please send me an email to let me know. Contact:

I'm also seeking short devotional and edifying writings from our artists to include in our future newsletters. Let me know if you have material, or are interested in contributing in the future.


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