[Silence] : : SILENCE : :

Most people have long discovered by experience the rich and vibrant power of instrumental music on the human spirit. Weaving notes as messages from the heart, as emotions lead the melodic brush strokes, this album is born of many moments of focused and deliberate improvisation, framing rich peaceful moments in our home. Those instrumental improvisations and spontaneous 'songs' will invite you to pause and consider the flow of time around and inside you. Dialogue with the heart in a womb of kindness, the virtue of silence tracing the contour of the present moment ...

For soaking, intercession, rest, devotion, healing, creativity, working, walking, road trips, survivors, wounded ones, etc.

[Quietude] : : QUIETUDE : :

A collection of soothing and inspiring music. This album presents you with softly dynamic music as an inspiring and refreshing background to your day, your thoughts, your tears, for work, soaking, meditation, devotional, healing times.

[Heartland Diaries - Les Terres du Coeur] : : HEARTLAND DIARIES : :

"The soul besieged by intense sufferings needs to know she is loved beyond all defilement and above any other reason save that she exists. It is healthy for her to perceive her reflection in the eyes of dreams that spring from a place as deep as life itself : for now, they are most precious, for they echo the hope of a life renewed, where, in touch with Love, the shattered soul finds a home ..."

Heartland Diaries is a seamless experience starting with the arrival point of forgiveness, reminiscing through past hurts and blessings to finally emerge into present peace. This album has received moving reviews from people battling depression and suicide, as well as faith communities using the music to debrief from the daily grind and connect to spiritual prayer.


The book of Revelation like you've never heard it before... This album explores through music the Revelation of John the Apostle which he wrote about on the island of Patmos. The songs weave a solid and lifting tapestry that attempts to create a backdrop for these incredible visions and words from angels about the true destiny of mankind, heaven and God's strategies for the end-times. All without words. Biblical references are given for each song so you can follow the flow of the Revelation and intercede with the music as you pray the book and join the heavenly hosts in worship to the King of the universe.

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