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"The soul besieged by intense sufferings needs to know she is loved beyond all defilement and above any other reason save that she exists. It is healthy for her to perceive her reflection in the eyes of dreams that spring from a place as deep as life itself : for now, they are most precious, for they echo the hope of a life renewed, where, in touch with Love, the shattered soul finds a home ...

                                    [Andre Lefebvre]

Montreal (Quebec), 1956.

Piano, keyboards, samplers, sound modules, djembe.

Mainly instrumental music, blending a variety of styles, traditional and contemporary, Improvisations, Spiritual Electronica, Soundtrack, Experimental, spiced up with a touch of Classical, "New-Age" and Hip-Hop ...

A music that is universal, inspiring as much film and animation, than the movements of Dance, Visual Arts, exhibits, choreographed sports, therapy and art sessions, public prayer and multi-media collaborations.

André joins with his wife Joanne to minister in worship, intercession and prayer through music, dance. Exploring Revelatory Arts, and sharing their journey.

[Fiery Piano]

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